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  • Perfect for tea (see the many praising stories)
  • Various models of jugs: from small to large

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ZeroWater in restaurants?

Also suitable for the hospitality industry.

We have large consumption sollutions and multipack replacement filters.

„We would like to offer our customers the best. Fresh, organic and pure. This also counts for the water that we serve. Tapwater is easily purified with a ZeroWater system. This suits in perfectly with our company philosophy.”

Proven effectiveness

A measurement says it all: the TDS score of your water.

The ZeroWater filter is the only one that completely purifies tapwater!
The purity of water can easily be measured. To do so we use a TDS-meter. This measuring device counts the amount of total dissolved solids in the water. The average TDS in tapwater is around 250.
Other filters are only able to filter out a part of the contaminents. Most of the time it is possible to meaure 90 TDS after filtering with a 2-stage filter.
Only ZeroWater® gets you the unique 0 TDS score by usage of the 5-stage filter. You can read more about the filter to see how it works, or just experience 0 TDS yourself!

The product range

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