The unique 5-stage filter gets more out of your water.

Intensive testing shows: This 5-stage filter purifies water in such a way that 99% of the total dissolved solids gets filtered out. This is nearly 50% more than other brands. This is why we are proud to say: ZeroWater gets more out of your water!

How does a ZeroWater filter work?

Measuring purity

The TDS score of water
How do you test the purity of water?

It is possible to do tests in a lab, see the results below, but it is also easy to ‘measure’ the result with a TDS indicator. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids, this means the sum of all the solid substances that have been dissolved in the water. TDS is being measured in ppm = parts per million.

In Europe the measurements range from 200 ppm to more than 400 ppm!

A lot of people already use a simple filtration pitcher with a carbon filter. This is better than drinking unfiltered water, however there are still a lot of contaminants in the water after filtration. The TDS after filtering with a system which uses a carbon filter the TDS drops to 90 TDS. This means that a lot of unhealthy substances remain in the water. Only ZeroWater can get the TDS to 0 for the purest water experience possible.

  • The TDS score states the purity of water
  • Carbon filters can't filter out all contaminants, at least 90 TDS remains
  • Only ZeroWater can get the TDS score to 0

Water & Water

All about water
Many different types of drinking water exist:

  • Tapwater
    In Europe many people drink tapwater. Most of the times the quality is good, however the quality of tapwater is only guaranteed until the moment it enters your house. The tapwater is only partially filtered from dangerous substances. A lot of chemicals and metals are still in the water and in that case we are not even talking about all the contaminants hidden in your indoor plumbing. Most of the times the water doesn’t taste fresh either. However it is still quite cheap.
  • Water in bottles and cans
    Bottled water seems like a good alternative. However the quality of this type of water varies greatly, many times the water is even less pure than tapwater. There are also a lot of plastic particles in the water as can be read about here.
  • Filtered water
    From all the filtration pitchers on the market ZeroWater is able to provide you with the purest water. This fits in perfectly with a healthy lifestyle. ZeroWater is the only filter where the filtered water has a TDS score of 0 (!) while carbon-filtration is only able to get to 90 TDS.

How good does a ZeroWater filter work?

Purity tested

Why choose ZeroWater?
When you test ZeroWater vs the filters of the current marketleader it is incredibly clear that the 5-stage ZeroWater filter gets more out of your water. The combination of the uniquely structured filters combined with the special ion exchange resin makes the system superior to the 2-stage systems.

Tested onTapwater (enriched with lead)marketleaderZeroWaterUnitStandard
Lead153,1< 1μg/l Pb< = 10
Ammonium< 0,030,45< 0,03mg/l NH4< = 0,20
Chloride2426< 2mg/l Cl< = 150
Iron21052< 10μg/l Fe< = 200

The testing has been done by AquaLab Zuid. AquaLab Zuid is an independent water-laboratory which has been recognised by the Dutch government and accredited under registration number L387. More results can be found in the complete test results.

ZeroWater is the only filter that is certified by the NSF for filtering out chromium and lead. Although tapwater has to meet legal standards it is still possible that the lead in your indoor plumbing transfers to your water. Lead is incredibly dangerous for your health and therefore it is important to filter out all the residue.

How it works

This is how our 5-stage filter works

  • Coarse filter screen
    Filters out small particles and sediment.
  • Foam distributor
    Evenly distributes the water for a more efficient use of the filter medium. This increases longevity and the ability to remove contaminants
  • Multi layer activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy
    Filters out a diversity of contaminants, especially good at filtering out organic substances. Also reduces and even removes traces of chlorine and heavy metals, and prevents the potential forming of mold.
  • Dual comprehensive ion exchange resin
    This negative and positive ion exchange resin strips foreign ions from the water molecules and returns them to a pure state.
  • Layers of ultra-fine screening and non woven membranes
    Removes all the ultra-fine particles to create the purest water experience.

How does a ZeroWater filter work? The filter exists of 5 layers that all have their specialty in water filtration.