2,4 litre ZeroWater pitcher gets shipped with manuals

How to put together a ZeroWater system?

To make sure you get the best quality water it is important to put together your new system the right way. Below you will find the manual for all ZeroWater products.

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What do I need to pay extra attention to?

Make sure to wash the ZeroWater pitcher with a soft sponge and some liquid soap before using. Carefully rinse the pitcher and make sure it is completely dry before using.

It is also really important to make sure the filter is properly installed. Therefore never put the filter in the reservoir from the top but screw it in from the bottom. It is quite possible a bit of force might be needed to do so.

And to make sure you get a TDS 0 measurement the during your first filtration run it is important to never pour out water from the top reservoir.

Would you like to download or print the manual? Please click here.

ZeroWater manuals for filtrationsystems and water pitchers
How does a TDS meter work?

What does a TDS-meter measure?

When you use the TDS-meter in the correct manner it becomes possible to see how many dissolved solids are in the water.

The dissolved solids that we are talking about are substances such as chloride, chrome, lead and many more harmful substances that may be in your tapwater. A TDS-meter can accurately measure how many particles are still in the water and it can therefore measure how polluted your glass of water truly is.

While measuring the TDS of the water you must use a clean and dry glass. And don't dip the meter too far into the water since this might distort the measurement.

Make sure to always change the filter the moment the TDS-meter shows 006. This because the filter is saturated and therefore we can't guarantee the quality of the filtered water anymore.

If you would like to print out the manual for the TDS-meter just click here!

De werking bewezen:

Meten = weten! De TDS-score van water.

Het ZeroWater filter is de enige die kraanwater volledig zuivert!
Zuiverheid van water kan je eenvoudig meten. We hebben daarvoor een meetinstrument die de TDS waarde aangeeft. Kraanwater heeft in Nederland gemiddeld een waarde van ca. 200.
Andere filters, zoals de bekende Brita filters, filteren maar een deel van de vervuilende stoffen. Het water meet meestal nog ca. 90TDC na filtering door een Brita 2-traps filter (zie testresultaten).
Alleen ZeroWater® komt tot een unieke score van 0 TDS door het 5-traps filter.