What is the effect of water on tea?

Tea & ZeroWater:
the perfect combination!

Tea, but pure in taste.

We already knew, and the tests show that ZeroWater takes out all harmful substances. This also means that the taste of the water becomes 'neutral', and that benefits the experience of the tea.

CEO of the International Tea and Coffee Academy thinks ZeroWater gives the best water for tea.

Tea made with Zerowater has a different - more pure color as shown in the picture above, and a more aromatic fragrance. Because there are no residual particles left in the water, all the wonderful notes of the tea leaves get the space to come to life, creating a balanced taste. Try it and you will taste the difference right away!

Our fans

We think it's fantastic that the following tea connoisseurs also embrace ZeroWater. It is really a different experience: the taste is pure just like their reactions:

Mariëlla Erkens (Dutch tea-champion 2013)

Jozefien (Dutch tea-champion 2017/2018)


Richard (CEO International Tea and Coffee Academy)

Tea Sommelier Karin Kamman

Tea Sommelier Michèle Decol