ZeroWater 2,8 litre water filter  filters 99% of all pollutants from your water.

Do you want to purify your
water optimally?

ZeroWater makes it possible.

At home, on the job or on the road. We have the best solution for every situation!

This 5-stage filter purifies water in a unique way. It easily filters out 99% of the total dissolved sollids (TDS). Which is almost 50% more than other brands can!


Why is ZeroWater so much better?

Because we have the best filter!

The 5-stage ZeroWater filter is able to get more out of your water. This is possible due to the combination of uniquely structured filters and the special ion exchange resin.

Intensive testing shows that ZeroWater purifies even the most poluted water.

  • Proven quality and purity
  • Great taste
  • Fits in with a clean and healthy lifestyle

Why is ZeroWater the best water filter? One of the reasons is the 5 stage filter system that we use.

Tea & ZeroWater:

The perfect combination

ZeroWater has revolutionized the world of tea. Because the filter removes almost all contaminants from water, the taste experience of tea is much more intense than with other filters or mineral water. The pure taste of tea is particularly evident when you use pure water. Zero water is the most environmentally friendly and cheapest way to really enjoy tea!

Read the stories of well known people from the world of tea who recommend the product. For the record: They are not sponsored by us 😉 so we are very proud of these recommendations

ZeroWater the best water filter for tea as well? Read what tea sommeliers around the world have to say!
Where to buy the best water filter

Where is ZeroWater available?

Take a quick look if ZeroWater is already available near you!

The ZeroWater filtration systems and replacement filters are available at several shops and webstores. Many stores provide next day delivery.

  • Quick delivery
  • Filters with a long lifespan
  • The best filtration system on the market

Proven effectiveness:

A measurement says it all: the TDS score of your water.

The ZeroWater filter is the only one that completely purifies tapwater!
The purity of water can easily be measured. To do so we use a TDS-meter. This measuring device counts the amount of total dissolved solids in the water. The average TDS in tapwater is around 250.
Other filters are only able to filter out a part of the contaminants. Most of the time it is possible to measure 90 TDS after filtering with a 2-stage filter.
Only ZeroWater® is able to get to the unique score of 0 TDS by use of the 5-stage filter. Read more about the filter or experience it yourself!

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